During a recent interview with Howard Stern, Adam Levine mentioned that when he spotted Alicia Keys, his co-host on The Voice, putting on makeup he said, “Oh I thought Alicia didn’t wear makeup.” Keys response? “I do what the fuck I want.”


“I think what happens in the world, and I think it’s part human nature and part programming, is we become an emulation of what we see,” Keys told Glamour this past winter. “We become clones of each other. And to break free from that and say, ‘Wait, I’m deciding to be my own individual self. And it looks nothing like what anyone else is doing.’ There’s something so powerful about being my own gorgeous, beautiful, individual, unique self.”

The 15 time Grammy Award winning Artist has rocked makeup since making the proclamation that she didn’t need it to appear more beautiful than she already is and has been met with raised eyebrows each and every time.

That’s the problem with making public declarations. When you change your mind or want to make small adjustments to your stance on a particular subject, there will always be people watching and waiting for the opportunity to say “I thought you said..”

Alicia’s response was everything though.



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