In 2015, rapper Azealia Banks made the news for biting the breast of a security guard at a nightclub.

According to the NY Post, Banks cursed out a female bouncer in front of Up & Down nightclub because she did not recognize the rapper. From there, Banks punched the bouncer then bit her breast after the woman removed her from the club.

On Wednesday, Banks appeared in a New York City court, and avoided jail time in the case by taking a plea deal, as it was scheduled to head to trial shortly. During her hearing in a Manhattan Criminal Court, Banks was asked, “Did you intentionally cause physical injury to Christine Soares by biting down on her breast?” Banks responded by saying “Yes,” and also pleaded guilty to third-degree assault in order to skip receiving any time behind bars.

Banks  must enroll and complete an anger management program as well continue with mental health treatment. Along with that, the rapper has to acknowledge and obey a full order of protection and stay out of trouble with the law. If Banks can stay out of trouble with the law and complete the program, her conviction for assaulting the bouncer will be reduced to a disorderly conduction violation. If she does not follow the terms or breaks them, Banks will face up to one year in jail.

During the case, it was also revealed that Banks allegedly slashing her sister in the neck and arm back in 2009. According to the NY Post, the assistant district attorney on the case planned on revealing those details, along with mentioning the alleged altercation that Banks got into with actor Russell Crowe. It was also noted that the rapper had to get rid of her private lawyer in the case and take on a court-appointed attorney allegedly due to lack of funds.

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