On Monday evening’s After the Final Rose episode, host Chris Harrison surprised Rachel Lindsay with the news that she would begin her Bachelorette journey on the live stage that night.

“What you don’t know is that The Bachelorette starts right now,” Harrison announced as he welcomed some of her suitors to the stage. “We couldn’t take you to the mansion, so I brought the mansion to you.”

Added Harrison: “You’re about to meet a few of the guys that will be vying your heart.”

We’re sure no one was surprised to witness an awkward moment for the first Black star in the Bachelor franchise’s 15-year, 33-season history but for it come so soon was a slightly alarming.

The third dude Lindsay met, Dean, who is white, said this upon meeting the woman of his dreams who he hopes to one day marry: “I’m ready to go black and I’m never going to go back.” Rachel did not appear to be ruffled by the statement. “I love that,” she laughed, later adding, “That was great.”

Whether or not she was truly not offended or just trying help things go as smoothly as possible on live TV, we don’t know but will hopefully find out at some point. Eric, who is black – also made a few us cringe with his decision to engage Lindsay in some ‘aye aye aye’ dance moves. C’mon bro.

(Fast forward to the 3:20 mark for Dean and Eric)

Viewers took to Twitter to express their disbelief at Dean’s comment.

The guy that seriously just said to Rachel: “I’m ready to go black, and I’m never going to go back”…you’re canceled. #TheBachelorFinale pic.twitter.com/t8tOpMIagX

— Ciara Lucas (@CiaraVLucas) March 14, 2017

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