In the midst of all of the crazy news and the clusterfuck of a Trump presidency, a little good news goes a long way.

Take for example the little boys in the photo above.

5-year-old  Jax, who is white, has a best friend, Reddy, who’s black. Jax’s mother informed him last week that he had to get his wild hair cut, and Jax informed her, he wanted a haircut like Reddy, so their teacher couldn’t tell them apart.

Reddy and his older brother Enock were adopted by a white family, Kevin Weldon, pastor of Carlisle Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, and his wife Debbie.

“My sons do not look like me… but we are family all the same,” Kevin Weldon said. “We share the same last name, love each other with all we have, and are a forever family. One day when I am gone, they will inherit all that I have and carry on our family name.”

After Jax got his haircut, his mother recounted what it means to them.

“This is total insanity!” Rosebush said Tuesday. “I just made the post because my kid is hilarious and cute. I never anticipated this. It just struck me as funny that Jax doesn’t even notice that Reddy is a different color. When he describes Reddy he never mentions it. I thought with all the hate in the world today, we could use this lesson from an almost 5-year-old.”

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