Michelle Obama’s hair is the talk of the internet, after a Twitter user posted a photo of the former first lady wearing her natural hair in a low hanging ponytail.

Although no one is sure when the photo was taken, or if it’s a recent pic, rest assured, although Obama’s hair was always straight while she was in the White House, she has indeed been natural for years.

Obama’s long-time stylist, Johnny Wright, commonly spoke about her natural hair, and the process he uses with it.

“It has grown a tremendous amount over the past eight years. One thing that contributed to that was us going natural and moving away from chemicals,” Wright said. “I have felt that, for a woman with her schedule that’s getting her hair done quite often, it’s better when it’s healthier, and it’s healthier when it’s natural. Because of that, it’s been able to grow out longer with the natural hair instead of relaxer.”

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