People watching last week’s season finale of “Girls” got a shock when they discovered Hannah’s baby didn’t exactly looking like a half-white/half-Asian baby, but a black one.

Well, the actual mother of baby Grover says her son isn’t actually Black, according to Jaclyn Nichole.

“1st off my (baby) who plays Grover isn’t Black! He’s Puerto Rican & His Dad is Haitian, does is matter? He fit the role to a T & he’s gorgeous!” Nichole, the boy’s mother, said in a tweet replying to a person wondering who the baby’s mother is.

What’s confusing is that, in the show, Hannah gets pregnant by a Pakistani surfing instructor, played by Riz Ahmed. So people are wondering how her son even turned out to be Black.

Nichole also retweeted two users, one who responded to her tweet pointing out that “Black Puerto Ricans and Haitians exist,” and another who responded to someone calling Grover black by saying the baby could be a “number of ethnicities.” Nichole hasn’t directly addressed the fact that the baby is definitely not of South Asian descent, aside from her insistence that his race doesn’t matter and “he fit the role to a T & he’s gorgeous!”

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