TV trailblazer Shonda Rhimes is leveling up her women’s health advocacy and is joining the national board of Planned Parenthood.

Rhimes, creator of TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and a producer, screenwriter and author, joined Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards in an interview with Elle.com to share the news.

“When someone you really admire calls on you to serve, you say yes,” Rhimes said. “The fact is that women’s health is under fire right now and so to me, it feels like it’s important to help fight back.”

“When so much basic health care is under attack, as we saw just a few weeks ago as a room full of men negotiated away maternity benefits for women, it’s never been more important for people’s stories to be told,” Richards stated when asked about what Rhimes’ role will entail.

Rhimes has served on the Los Angeles Planned Parenthood board of directors for several years.

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