Ndidi Obidoa and Chinelo Chidozie of Bolden. Photo courtesy of Bolden

Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa are the beautiful Nigerian sisters behind the up-and-coming beauty brand — Bolden.

As a brand built by black women, we exist to embolden women like us to confidently embrace their natural beauty. Through expertly-cra­fted, responsibly-sourced, and tailor-made beauty experiences, we’ll deliver on this commitment – making beauty products that really work well for women of color.

In an interview with OkayAfrica the duo discussed the importance of wearing sunblock and the prevention of skin cancer in our community.

Courtesy of Bolden

“A lot of black people don’t wear sunblock because they don’t see the damage immediately,” Chidozie says. She points to the late musician Bob Marley, who died of acral lentiginous melanoma, a serious skin cancer, at 36. “There’s an issue with education around sunscreen in the black community. Even though skin cancer doesn’t affect people of color as much as it affects people with white skin, that makes it more dangerous because it’s often not caught until it’s in an advanced stage.”

Aside from developing skin cancer, the other issue for people of color is spending a lot of time testing products to see if they’ll work on their skin. “I always ask myself, ‘Is this a product that will leave a white cast on me?’ and then I realize, whoever made the sunblock probably didn’t have me in mind. As consumers, we’re so used to trying products to see if they’ll work. In 2017, that’s not okay.” Consumers shouldn’t have to one-style-fits-all products that don’t suit their needs.

A major issue when people of color wear sunscreen is it leaves a white residue — Bolden’s innovative sunscreen doesn’t. The moisturizing formula is a cream-colored based serum that dries clear when applied to skin.

To read more of the interview click here. To check out the full line of Bolden beauty products please visit www.boldenusa.com.

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