Actor Terry Crews is demanding answers to a question many have been debating over since it was discovered back in 2015 that former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal was a white woman moonlighting as black, claiming to be transracial.

Why is it considered perfectly fine to be transgender, but deemed totally unacceptable to be TRANSRACIAL?

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In what seemed like an attempt to stir up some controversy and engage his followers, the Brooklyn Nine Nine star posted, “Why is it considered perfectly fine to be transgender but socially unacceptable to be transracial?” and proceeded to join the discussion as the comments came rolling in.

“All of my children have a white grandfather. Why can’t I say they’re white?”, he commented beneath the post.

Along with the expected hateful comments that followed, some users attempted to explain why there is no such thing as ‘transracial.’

“Honestly Terry as a huge fan of you who is transgender, this is genuinely heartbreaking and upsetting. I expected better from you. Transracial people are usually white racists who want to claim the culture and struggles of people of color. Trans folks aren’t “claiming” anything. We’re not in a position of power and we’re not accepted. Trans women will and do face misogyny while a white woman claiming to be black will never face racism or misogynoir. And none other than Dolezal claims to be transracial. She only used that excuse when she was outed,” one user responded.

What are your thoughts? Was Terry simply trying to get his social media followers talking?

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