Jekarra Gaines, 24, lost her hearing when she was 15, but with the help of modern technology, she now has a chance to hear herself sing.

Gaines has always wanted to be a singer and she was distraught when her hearing disappeared in her left ear at age 15.

“I was devastated,” she told DailyMailOnline. “It changed my whole life. But I practiced and adjusted.”

Gaines couldn’t afford occular devices to restore her hearing, but raised enough money via GoFundMe.

“I didn’t tell people because I didn’t want people to pity me or treat me like I was handicapped,” she told DailyMailOnline. “I always talked to people on my right side and learned to read lips also.”

“The difference was amazing. I hear things now that I haven’t heard completely in years,” Gaines told DailyMailOnline. “The clarity is great and I can hear music and myself sing in a whole different light. I feel like my life has new meaning.”

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