Consumer products company Procter & Gamble released an online ad showing how black parents have discussed racism with their children over several decades.

But some white people thought “The Talk,” via the company’s My Black Is Beautiful initiative, was racist against white people. Because they want to be persecuted so bad.

And now P&G have responded to the criticism of the ad. Damon Jones, P&G’s director of global company communications, told EURweb.com, “When we launched this video a few weeks ago, the first couple of weeks all we were hearing were very positive messages. People were like, ‘Thank you for speaking my truth.’ But, it has been a past interesting couple of days where we’ve seen a few people position the ad quite differently and stoke some fires, which frankly I think are beyond the ad itself. It’s been brought into the political realm but that’s the world we live in.”

Yes, the world we live in is filled with so many butthurt white people crying reverse racism.

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