During last weekend’s “Unite the Right” racist rally and protests in Charlottesville, Va., one life was lost after a crazed white supremacist drove his car through a group of counter-protesters. But one woman did survive the attack, thanks to her fiance.

Marissa Blair told The New York Times that her fiancé, Marcus Martin, pushed her out of the way of the oncoming vehicle. Although Blair walked away with just a scraped arm and a bruise on her leg, Martin attended the memorial service for 32-year-old fatal victim Heather Heyer in a wheelchair with a broken leg.

Blair, who was friends with Heyer and used to work with her, recalled the horrific moment when the car crashed into a group of protesters.

“We were just marching around, spreading love — and then the accident happened,” she said. “In a split second you see a car, and you see bodies flying.”

“I kind of knew and didn’t want to believe it,” Blair told the newspaper. “When the cop told me, I cried and sank to my knees.”

Blair said, “Heather was such a sweet soul, she did not deserve to die.”

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