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Small Business Advertising Small Businesses Only

Our “Sponsors” section allows us to help give back to the brands, designers and individuals who love and support us. As an emerging online destination, we know how hard it can be to get the support and visibility you need to grow and we would love to help be an outlet to help get you in front of those you would like to reach.

Note: Small businesses CANNOT advertise on both sites at the same time.

Coco and Crème Ad Package

$75 for 125x125px Banner
Your ad will run on the Coco and Crème site.

The Opportunity Has Presented Itself To:

  • Attach your company to one of the fastest growing online magazines and communities for Black Women.
  • To connect with the influencers and trendsetters in fashion, beauty, music, art, technology and more.
  • The chance to create a social media campaign with the leading social media portal for Black Women.
  • Increase visibility and presence in the Black community.
  • Provide engagement with your target demographic.
  • Receive real time feedback from your target.

If you have any additional questions about Small Business Advertising please email us at [email protected].

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