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Sutton New Media (Clutch/Coco + Creme) does not censor comments based on ideological point of view. We delete comments that we deem to be abusive, off-topic, spam, or that include excessive foul language or ad hominem attacks.

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Guidelines for Commenting on Clutch

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  • Don’t respond to a post or comment by saying “why don’t you focus on some real issues like …”, “Really Clutch?!.. “I’m trying to figure out why Clutch..”, etc.  Keep it on topic and not use the comment section to “go in” on Clutch” You can drop an email to [email protected] for that.
  • Commercial postings attempting to sell a product/item or promoting personal site or blog.
  • Posting comments in ALL CAPS.
  • Posting links in your comments that are not related to the article/post topic.

We rely on users to tell us when they think comments are abusive. If you feel that a particular comment is violating this policy or harming the community, please let us know.

We will edit or delete offending comments at our discretion. Keep in mind that editing and deleting comments is not indicative of our stance on any particular issue; it is simply a measure taken to douse out flame wars and encourage intelligent commentary.

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