Teyana Taylor Workout Videos Are Coming

Teyana Taylor had people asking one: How the hell did she get that body? When Kanye West released his “Fade” video, Taylor’s star power skyrocketed. And her body was the fodder of many articles and interviews. But Taylor insisted that she doesn’t do anything special, besides...

Kid Cudi Wrote A Very Brave Letter About Checking Into Rehab For Depression And Suicidal Urges

The rapper said he feels ashamed but that's the last thing he should feel.

I Had A Uterine Polyp & It Was A Horrific Experience

About a year ago, I ended up in the ER gushing so much blood from my vagina that the nurses thought I would bleed out and die. “Are you pregnant?” they asked, thinking perhaps it could be attributed to a miscarriage. “No, I don’t think...

Teyana Taylor Explains How She Got ‘That Body’

There’s no denying the fact that Teyana Taylor’s body may be “body goals” for some people out there. But what’s the chances of actually obtaining it without spending 24 hours a day in the gym? Well, according to Taylor, she doesn’t even spend that much...

#AfroPunkBK2016: Woman Goes Topless For Breast Cancer Awareness

Afropunk is more than a music festival. It is a movement. A movement defined by hard drawn political line: no racism, no sexism, no ableism, no ageism, no homophobia, no transphobia and most simply, no hatefulness. These lines are etched into the DNA of the...

Introducting NoireCare, A Site That Supports And Encourages Women Of Color To Care For Themselves

by is encouraging women of color everywhere to take time out from juggling their numerous daily responsibilities and demands to focus on the all too often overlooked practice of caring for self. The site was created as a place to explore and discover new self...