If you’re considering advertising on Clutch, there are a number of things you may be interested to know about us. We are not your typical online magazine. Clutch is a vanguard media outlet ushering in the new era for young contemporary women of color. What does that mean? It means that Clutch is a reflection of the dynamic perspectives and interests of women today. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to presenting relevant material to our readers – but we do have standards, and there are some specific things that you will never see on Clutch:

It is our mission to present fresh, original material to meet the needs of our multi-faceted audience.

Simply put, we’re not in the business of espousing – or provoking – hateful sentiments.

Clutch Magazine Online is an organic daily, which means we are shaped by the evolving needs of our culture, and in turn, our readers. We regularly evaluate our subject material, usability and much more in an effort to become the ultimate resource for today’s young woman.

We pride ourselves on offering intelligent, thought-provoking material. Many of our readers are critical thinkers and rely on Clutch to provide a vast array of themes with a smart, hip voice.

Clutch rejects all forms of intolerance, cultural stagnation and encourages our readers to maintain open minds, and hearts. This includes the propagation of negative stereotypes of any kind.

There are a multitude of celebs that we openly support, and offer praise, but we at Clutch always remain true to our values. We only show appreciation to those who are in harmony with our mission.