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“Clutch is not only fly, it is authentic and uniquely relevant to its community. It is the digital destination for the smart, stylish and a sexy urban female. Clutch gets it and Clutch is sure to get you on the very first click.” Michaela angela Davis

With the rise of the online sector as the primary source of news, Clutch is an industry leader forging the movement into the digital age for its target demographic. With a site that accumulates a steady increase of viewers each quarter since its inception, Clutch proves that there is a market for Black women that hasn’t been filled before.

Clutch is the only online magazine for Black women that is updated numerous times daily and releases a full issue every Monday. Weekly interviews with the biggest names in the world (Russell Simmons, Diahann Carroll, Sheila Johnson, Hill Harper, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, John Legend, Suze Orman, among others) are mixed with editorials by some of the most eclectic minds of this generation.

Clutch barely scratches the surface of how potent it can become. Declining newspaper/magazine circulation, increasing digital awareness from consumers and outstanding content are three of the biggest reasons why Clutch will continue to be a force.

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“Clutch is a wonderful online magazine that fills a great void for Black women, particularly younger Black women, in America and globally. It is smart, sexy, provocative, womanist, and the kind of space readers and advertisers will continue to flock to because Clutch is the ultimate kind of 21st century mover and shaker destination.” Kevin Powell

What Makes Us So Special?

(1) The only online magazine for women of color that releases a new issue weekly.
(2) Updates daily with news, interviews and features.
(3) Allows readers to engage in a conversation by offering social media tools.
(4) Only online magazine that has weekly interviews with celebrities, designers, brands and artist.
(5) Our design has won numerous design awards and garnered international recognition.
(6) Content is really one of a kind; smart, fresh and current.
(7) The editors and contributors to Clutch offer content that is written in a “friend” voice, therefore making it more relatable.

Our Manifesto

  • Smart is always sexy…
  • Do it for yourself not someone else…
  • Research is the key to a successful purchase…
  • A girl should never leave home without her compact…
  • Don’t be afraid to mix styles and colors…
  • If he’s not into you…good…his loss…
  • Living and learning are life’s best teachers…
  • We dig men who recognize a mean shoe game..
  • Staying involved in your community is essential…
  • Diversity is what makes the world go round…
  • Don’t date losers…pass them along to your enemies…
  • The library is the hangout…
  • Appearance is important…
  • We live for good music and online shopping…
  • We lead they follow…


“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” Pierre Omidyar

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