Thursday Sep 21st

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Simone Askew Becomes The First Black Woman To Lead West Point’s Corps Of Cadets

Simone Askew has made history at West Point. Askew is the first black woman to be appointed as First Captain of the Corps of Cadets, the Washington Post reports. “Simone truly exemplifies our values of Duty, Honor, Country,” Brig. Gen. Steven W. Gilland, commandant of cadets, said in a...

Issa Rae Says She Had a ‘Ho Phase’– Did You Have One Too?

Issa Rae’s star is shining bright after being honored at this year’s Black Girls Rock, and having the second season of Insecure on air. With the show only in its first couple of episodes, social media has already picked sides. Whether you’re #TeamLawrence or #TeamTasha,...

Procter & Gamble Ad Shows How Black Parents Talk to Children About Racism

Consumer products company Procter & Gamble released an online ad showing how black parents have discussed racism with their children over several decades. But some white people thought “The Talk,” via the company’s My Black Is Beautiful initiative, was racist against white people. Because they...

White Sephora Worker Tells Black Customer She Didn’t Racially Profile Her Because She’s ‘From the Hood’

A white Sephora employee was accused of racially profiling two black women, but used the most asinine excuse as to why she wasn’t. The black woman claimed that she was cut off when she was speaking numerous times and allegedly pointed out the shopper to...

Man Receives Apology Letter From Old Teammate Who Regrets the Racism Black Teammates Endured 60 Years Ago

  It only took 60 years, but a former black high school basketball player received an old basketball teammate who simply wanted to apologize for the racism his fellow teammates experienced. Eugene Britton Carter, 72-years-old, got the letter from a teammate that he had in...

Woman Accuses Usher of Exposing Her to Herpes and Gets Fat Shamed

A woman has come forward, with her attorney Lisa Bloom by her side, and alleges that Usher exposed her to herpes. Quantasia Sharpton, spoke about her hotel room rendezvous two years ago with Usher while celebrating her 19th birthday. She said she’s negative for herpes....