adria richards

Fired SendGrid Developer Evangelist Adria Richards Speaks Out

After what some people may call a wrongful termination, where others feel it was fully justified, Adria Richards finally broke her silence this week.  Last week all hell broke loose when Richards tweeted a photo of two developers making crude  jokes while attending a tech...

On the Internet, As In Real Life, the Onus Is On The Woman to Not Get Burned

To paraphrase Smashing Pumpkins, “The Internet is a vampire, set to troll.” It can get pretty ugly out there and it’s gotten very ugly for Adria Richards, who after tweeting about lewd language at a tech conference her employer was co-sponsoring, found herself out of a job. The...

Adria Richards Receives Rape Threats and Loses Her Job for Reporting Sexual Harassment

The war against women continues as more of our bright, courageous voices are deliberately shamed into silence. Adria Richards lost her job and became the target of death and rape threats for simply reporting sexual harassment at the PyCon tech conference on Twitter and her blog....