Afrika Bambaataa

KRS-One Doesn’t Care If Afrika Bambaataa Is Guilty Sex Abuse & That’s Exactly Why It Keeps Happening

Hip Hop legend KRS-One has some super interesting–and extremely problematic–things to say about the sex abuse allegations against Afrika Bambaataa. According to the Bronx rapper, he doesn’t care about Bambaataa’s alleged past indiscretions because he deals with “dudes that are questionable all the time.” “First of...

On Afrika Bambaataa, Bill Cosby & The Men Who Support Sexual Abuse

Last Sunday, Afrika Bambaataa was accused of sexual abuse by Ronald Savage in an interview published by The Daily News. Savage, a former music executive and author, alleged that Bambaataa fondled him and forced him to perform sexual acts on other members of the Zulu...

Man Who Accused Hip Hop Pioneer Afrika Bambaataa of Molestation Comes Forward: ‘Why Did He Take My Innocence Away?’

DJ and recording artist Afrika Bambaataa is one of hip hop’s pioneers with many like A Tribe Called Quest, the Native Tongues, KRS-One, and others down with Bambaataa’s Universal Zulu Nation. While his place within the culture is the stuff of legend, a new allegation of sex abuse is threatening...