AirBnB Responds To Discrimination Backlash With An Interesting Login Prompt

AirBnB has faced a ton of backlash this year, after a group of Harvard University researchers found that it was more difficult for some Black people to rent rooms through the site and an onslaught of users claimed they had been victims of blatant racism,...

So Now There’s Noirebnb & Noirbnb to Combat #AirBnBWhileBlack

Two separate companies have recently launched to combat discrimination black customers of AirBnB have faced. Both Noirebnb and Noirbnb were recently created by tech entrepreneurs. Rohan Gilkes started working on Noirebnb almost three weeks ago when he tried to book a house in Idaho and was denied, but his...

#AirBnBWhileBlack Highlights Ongoing Discrimination Against Black Travelers

Vacation rental site AirBnB has come under fire for a host of reasons but the latest rising issue is that of racial bias and discrimination against black travelers. People are sharing what it’s been like to #airbnbwhileblack on Twitter, including CBS News Political Analyst Jamelle...