Just Because You’re An Atheist Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be A Jerk About It

There’s a joke usually directed towards vegans. Question: How do you know a person is a vegan? Answer: Because they’ll tell you. Recently I came to realize that same joke can be directed towards Atheists. Question: How do you know a person is an Atheist?...

Debunk the Bible, Win $10,000?

Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo, a man with a degree in kinesiology, is offering $10,000 to anyone who can “scientifically disprove the Bible’s creation story.”  Dr. Mastropaolo is a creationist and dares any evolution theory lovin’ schlub to come try and take his money. Of course it...

Controversial Times Square Billboard Urges People to ‘Dump The Myth’ of Jesus

The holiday season is in full swing, and while folks are out decking the halls, secular group American Atheists is back with yet another controversial holiday billboard. This year, the group funded a two-story Times Square billboard in New York City that urged passersby to...