16 Most Popular Black Natural Hair Care Lines

I’m a sucker for black owned. I revel in knowing black men and women are thriving, building, creating and manufacturing goods and services. This is, after all, the true American way to succeed. Ownership is more than just creating a product…it is the way to...

What’s Your Favorite Black Hair Care Brand?

Walking in any Target store or neighborhood beauty supply, you’re likely to come across a new black hair care line every time you shop. Companies are finally listening to the hair care woes of black women and creating specific lines to help us maintain whatever...

Brands to Watch: Natural Haircare Brands We Love

Now that summer is here, how about freshening up your hair care routine and give natural products a try? The following is a list of some of the sites that cater to healthy hair with the added bonus of natural ingredients. Oyin Handmade Website: