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Brian Banks on Brock Turner’s Rape Sentence: ‘It’s a Case Of Privilege’

“I wasn’t physically raped, but I was raped in a sense of my freedom. I was kidnapped, taken against my will, placed in a box for five years and two months. I was denied all human rights. When I screamed and pleaded and begged, it...

Brian Banks Accuser Order To Pay $2.6 Million To Long Beach School District

Wanetta Gibson, the woman who falsely accused Brian Banks of rape, is learning that lying really doesn’t pay, but it’ll actually cost her $2.6 million dollars. In 2007, Gibson was awarded a settlement by the Long Beach School District, after she said a lack of...

Wanetta Gibson Lawsuit: School Sues Woman Over False Rape Accusation

Don’t falsely accuse someone of rape, get compensated for it, recant your statement and then expect a school district not to come for the money they gave you. Wanetta Gibson, the woman who accused Brian Banks of rape, is learning this the hard way. The...