“Clear the Airwaves Project” Aims To Stop Violent, Explicit Misogynistic Lyrics On Chicago Radio Stations

At any given moment on the radio there’s music that some people deem misogynistic and violent.  There are those who take music for its entertainment value and could careless about the message it spreads. Then there are others who want to get rid of the...

Petition Slams Facebook for Censoring Mastectomy Photos

Facebook is angering women’s rights advocates again. The social media titan has been removing mastectomy photos from two pages designed to celebrate and uplift women that have undergone the procedure. The SCAR Project is a photographic-essay depicting women between the ages of 18 and 35...

Censorship In The Age of Violence

Growing up there were certain things that were not allowed in our household. Secular music, violent shows on television and card playing. Yes, compared to today, those are pretty mediocre. Because we were being raised in a somewhat religious household, there were things that just...