Tamika Fuller Starts GoFundMe Campaign After Losing Custody Trial To Ludacris

Tamika Fuller, the mother of Ludacris’ 16-month-old daughter Cai Bridges, lost another appeal last week and now has started a GoFundMe campaign. Fuller is attempting to raise $7,000 to fund a nonprofit for low-income mothers, as well as bring her daughter “Tink” back home. Last...

Tamika Fuller Pens Essay About Custody Battle With Ludacris

Tamika Fuller wants to have her say, and in a ‘penned’ essay, she does just that. After losing custody of her daughter to Ludacris, Fuller recounts how he tried to bribe her into having an abortion, and also states that the only reason he wanted...

Open Thread: Amber and Wiz: Should Custody and Parenting Issues Be Made Public?

Once upon a time, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose seemed to be a happily married couple embracing their newly found parenthood. Often times they would share family photos and videos on their social networks, and Wiz would even proudly share videos of his wife and...