CVS Employees Call Cops on Black Man Who Asked for Swiss Cheese

All he wanted was some sliced cheese, but Ricky Berry got a lot more than that at a Richmond, Va., CVS. Berry and his roommate walked into the CVS and asked an employee if they sold sliced cheese. The worker replied that they did not....

CVS Pharmacy Sued for Racial Discrimination

It seems as though CVS has a racial profiling issue when it comes to discriminating against Blacks and Hispanics. Several CVS store detectives have filed a class action lawsuit against the company. Sheldon Thomas, one CVS market investigator, was told, “When you catch the black people,...

Open Thread: Do You Smoke Cigarettes?

I will admit, I occasionally dabble in tobacco. Currently I own 3 hookah pipes and  in college I smoked bidis and cloves.  Although I do have hookah pipes, they’re only brought out on social gatherings.  But I found it interesting that a few weeks ago...