Communing with Peace: 10 Steps for Meditating

Life is a whirlwind, full of to-do lists that never seem to shrink. Women of color are notorious for grinding without regard for our health. But we all deserve a communing with peace, even if it’s in brief stints. Meditating is the answer. Spiritual leader...

How to Start Your Spring Like a Real G

The beginning of Spring always comes with a renewed sense of hope and a desire for positive change. But usually after a few weeks, you’re back to the same ol’, same ol’. Do something different this time! Stick to all those productive, awesome habits you...

Meditation in Mexico

Quiet. Peace and quiet. Quiet and peace. No sound, no noise, except for the rising sound of ocean tickling the shore and muffled squeals of people splashing in the water. I was in Cancun, Mexico, the city known for vibrant nightlife, partying and endless streams...