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Is Mo’Nique Right That People Only Criticize Her Open Marriage Because They Don’t Find Her Attractive?

Though open marriages are becoming a bit more commonplace, most people still frown upon this type of union. When it comes to her open marriage though, Mo’Nique thinks the criticism she and her husband Sidney receive has little to do with people’s respect for the traditional sanctity of...

Mo’Nique Gives Husband ‘Pass to Cheat’ Because She Rejects Western Ideals of Ownership

Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique isn’t afraid to speak her mind. In fact, it’s her willingness to be frank about topics like weight loss, relationships, and Hollywood that makes her so relatable to her fans. While the Precious star has spoken about her open marriage in the past, her latest...

Marriage Options: Open Relationships

It’s a day that ends in “y,” so of course whether or not Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have an open marriage has been in the news as of late. Rumors about the Hollywood duo spring up pretty much like clockwork on a quarterly...