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PREGNANT LADIES: Stop Waiting For People To Be Polite And Go Ahead And Ask For A Seat On The Subway

Once I became visibly pregnant, I quickly learned that anticipating or blithely hoping someone notices you smacks of self-entitlement and a “notice me” nadir that is futile in the subways of New York City.

21 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Riding Public Transportation (Because People Don’t Seem To Know)

I lived in Los Angeles for seven years and owned a car. There were some really fun things about being a car owner: like blasting Power 106 while cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway with my sunroof open. Only, most of the time, I wasn’t...

So Jay-Z Took A Subway Ride

Just about every site I went to yesterday had Jay-Z all cozied up to an elderly white woman as they both enjoyed a ride on the R train. As his Barclays concert series was drawing to an end, he figured what a better way to...