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High Schoolers In Ohio Are Teaching Their Peers About Safe Sex

High school isn’t always about subcumbing to peer pressure, occasionally there’s a chance for teens to learn from each other.  The students in Cleveland, Ohio High have started their own health program to teach fellow teenagers about the physical and emotional aspects of safe sex.  The...

Boston College Threatens Disciplinary Action Against Students Who Distributed Condoms

You would think promoting safe sex on a college campus was a good thing. Think again, especially if the university is a private Catholic institution. In 2009, a condom campaign was started by by Boston College Students for Sexual Health, an unofficial student group not...

Size DOES Matter: Study Finds Men With Large Penises Less Likely to Use Condoms

Crave a man whose magic stick is, well, verrrrrry magical? Researchers at Hunter College’s Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training (CHEST) in New York City may make you think twice before getting it on with a guy whose penis is larger than average. In...