Do You Tan?

We know skin tone is a big deal for women of color so as the sun’s rays begin to heat up and beam down this coming season, some of us have a tendency to either duck and run for cover or lather on the baby...

Dare to Be Dark: My Trip to a Tanning Salon

Heading home from my gym in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, I had often passed a luxury tanning salon courting new customers. I would brush off the marketers who seemed to waste my time and theirs by trying to hand me coupon cards for discounts...

Breaking The Myth: Safe Tanning Practices for Women of Color

We’ve all heard the myth that black people don’t tan or that we don’t sunburn because our skin is already dark. I hope by now you know that’s dangerously false. There are similar misconceptions about whether or not people with dark skin tones need to...