Tiger Woods

Tiger is the tip of the iceberg: Fried chicken, monkey chants and bananas in sports

From The Grio — By now you’ve heard the comment. A noted PGA Tour veteran made an off-color joke about Tiger Woods, referencing fried chicken. After the incident, and the subsequent backlash, the professional backtracked, said he meant the comments in jest, and claimed there was...

Fried Chicken and Racism: Tiger Woods Insult Sparks Debate

In this supposed post-racial society, it seems certain foods still carry racial significance and the sting of degrading stereotypes. Watermelon is one of them. Going back to slavery days, African-Americans were depicted as ignorant, small-minded people who are predisposed to liking the fruit. Fried chicken...

Should She Take Him Back? Tiger Woods Proposes to Ex-Wife Elin

I’m sure everyone remembers the Tiger Woods sex scandal back in 2009, but for the two people in the room who may not remember, let me refresh your memory before I go into the details of this story. Pro golfer Tiger Woods and his then-wife...