Circa Sixty Three


Circa Sixty Three

Plastic = The New Platinum

Did you know the most sought after jewelry this season isn’t made of a precious metal, but a petrochemical called Lucite? Lucite, which was big in the 60’s and 70’s, is back in a big way and collectors, trendsetters and celebrities alike are scrambling to buy authentic vintage pieces.

So where do they go? They turn to jewelry designer Danielle Insetta, whose collection, Circa Sixty Three, is made from uncalculated vintage Lucite and 24K gold plate. Insetta’s designs reflect the bright optimism and moderism of the sixties – among the many treasures are kaleidoscopic necklaces, chunky bangle bracelets and oversized geometric shaped earrings. Though Lucite prices have been rising steadily in recent years, Insetta’s jewelry tops out at about $200, providing an affordable option for fashionistas who need their fix.

“Lucite is from a special period of design history full of freshness and innovation, which gives it intrinsic value.” explains Insetta. “Back when Lucite was first introduced even major designers like Avon, Cora, Trifari, Napier and Diane Von Furstenberg used it in their jewelry collections. It is a material rich with history.”

Danielle Insetta founded Circa Sixty Three in October 2005 after falling in love with vintage Lucite beads at a flea market in Paris. Inspired, she came back from her trip, quit her corporate job and began designing. Circa Sixty Three also has a vintage shoe line called LaRose. Circa Sixty Three is carried in boutiques in Washington DC, Maryland, Florida and Pennylvania, as well as stores in Paris, Tokyo, Germany and Itlay. For store locations and to shop the entire collection online, visit circasixtythree.com.

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