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  • ceecee

    their accents are cute *lol* i hope they don’t have the same shake-n-bake recipe of love/heartbreak songs like everyone else out there.

  • They didn’t get a lot of airplay, atleast not here. I always heard them on Music Choice. I liked that song though.

  • They hav a funky style!

  • Opinionated Lady

    Its going to be hard for them to come back because some music (r&b) now has no quality.They ok, but I need something more than just a pretty face girls, which is ok, but it has become so common that I’m like “Ok, the pretty girls,with ok voices..” Go luck to them though.

  • Kb2cute

    YES! Don’t sleep on them at all! Bad girl is my theme song!!!!! Yes. I will say that they’re voices aren’t as powerful as many singers but it is still good music. I wouldn’t argue about that. It will be hard as another posted because everything being played now is lacking in some serious quality