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Clutch Magazine’s Blog Index is your guide to the hottest fashion, beauty, gossip and lifestyle blogs in the game. Each month we’ll be giving you the inside scoop on one of our favorite sites (and we have a feeling that you’re going to love ‘em too!). Our first blog feature, Fly, is jam packed with design inspiration, wildly imaginative presentations and fashion-forward tidbits. Not only have we been fans since its inception last year, but we’ve also had the pleasure of watching Fly get better with each and every post.


Andrea: flygirls.typepad.com

Why did you start Fly?
I started Fly for two reasons: One, was to make use of all the inspiration I’ve collected over the years. I have books filled with magazine clippings, color research, and other ephemera I felt would be interesting enough to share with others.

Reason number two was I wanted to expose other young women to the creative worlds of art, design and fashion. That’s a major reason why I started Fly Girl of the Week. It was the opportunity for a young woman in a creative field to share who she is and what she does. My hope is that there is a young woman who reads the Fly Girl answers and thinks to herself, “Wow I never considered starting my own styling business, and here’s someone who has.”

When did Fly launch?
I launched Fly in July of 2006.

What is the criteria to become a Fly Girl?
The criteria to become a Fly Girl of the Week is to be a woman who is doing her own creative thing, who is proud of who she is and who has an inspiring voice to share. Whether it’s starting her own business, joining a band after teaching herself how to play the bass or having a very unique style–she can be a Fly Girl of the Week. Quite honestly, every woman has a story and there will be someone out there who will be inspired by it, therefore any woman can be a Fly Girl.

Describe the style and attitude of Fly?
The style is fun and fabulous, the attitude is empowering, organic and free.

Describe your creative inspiration?
I draw inspiration from old children’s books, vintage wallpapers and textiles and “amateur photography.” People and their stories inspire me. I like to think about how I can translate their experience into a visual story. I currently work in the television industry where I design on-air promos, since getting into that field I have been exposed to a whole new element of design, which is movement. We use a lot of animation in our promos and it has forced me to think of how my designs will translate into “mini movies,” so to speak. So movement has been a new inspiration for the creative work I now do. Trends in fashion and design inspire me because of the research and the story behind why something is hot again, or why something just won’t work in 2008. Ideas mapped out and collaged together (like mood boards) always get my creative juices flowing. I love taking a piece of that information and making it into something new and fabulous.

Name some of your favorite designers and artist and tell us why?
There are so many but I’ll mention what quickly comes to mind: Luba Lukova, for her simple images that speak millions of emotions. Kara Walker because I am in love with the art of paper-cutting and the way she expresses her controversial opinions without any remorse. I love the work that Gretel is doing with motion design, they are very innovative and their thinking is fresh, but simple. Happy Pets Design, their illustrations are so racy but so fun. I’m going to cheat here: I admire all the people I worked with at Hallmark Cards (too many to name). People look down on designing greeting cards especially at Hallmark, being the huge fuzzy bunny greeting card giant that it is, but the people behind the illustrations and words are so talented. A lot of the artists have fine art backgrounds and it’s so amazing what they can do with their skills. They really teach you how to appreciate beautiful things. A lot of what I learned there is applied to what I do for Fly.

What is the future of Fly?
I want Fly to be a brand that takes inspiration to whole new level. I’d like the blog to expand, where my visitors can contribute on a consistent basis. I would also like the expansion to include a new site that offers resources to help my visitors be as creative as they can possibly be. I plan to do more webisodes, and hopefully that can develop into a television show.

In five words describe Fly?
Fly is your inspiration engine.
Adjectives: fun, unpredictable, personal, inspiring, feminine.

Why should someone add Fly to his or her daily blog reading list?
Add Fly to your daily blog reading list if you want to see something new and inspiring everyday. Add Fly to get a different perspective on art, fashion and design. I am a young Black woman in an industry where there are not enough of us to represent a voice that is far too often unheard, I wanted a place where I could make my voice and the voices like mine stand out. So, add Fly if you want your opinions, ideas and creations to be heard.

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