Is Cocky Cute…



What do you think? I have a love hate relationship with Mr. Kanye. At first glance he’s a cutie, but after he speaks you are either irritated or turned one. So…is Cocky Sexy? I know I would rather have a man with high self-esteem than a low one. But, when does high self-esteem become cocky?

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  • *sigh* Alas, cocky is NOT cute. Oh but it can be when done right but few possess the skill. Love Kanye’s music though!

  • Cocky is definitely not cute. I can take it in small dosages, but if that’s the man’s overall attitude, he needs to go. From personal experience, it’s an extreme turn-off. There is a difference between cockiness and confidence. Confident men are humble. That’s always a good quality to have.

    Kanye once said on Oprah that he is cocky because God gave him victory and there was a need to be so. Great point, but he is beside, around and over himself these days.

  • Vamply

    There is a huge difference between being cocky, arrogant and confident. If you’re successful in what you do or who you are, you need not praise yourself because others will do it for you. Look at all of the successful people in the world. They don’t walk around saying, “I’M THE GREATEST, I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!” It will make it even more difficult when you make a mistake because it’ll only be even easier for others to tear you down. Confidence with a dash of humility is one of the sexiest traits that a man can have.

  • Ney

    Being cocky and cute go hand in hand for what a really woman is looking for in a man…. but i think that humbleness is a major attribute that will level it all out. Kanye has it half way. If it weren’t for his cockiness we wouldn’t be loving the music that we here from him today and the style that no can deny he has. The only thing is that after the music ends, and he doesn’t stop talking (about himself)….how long do you expect to keep listening before we are yelling “Get a Grip on yourself!!!” ?