You're Making Me BlushYou're making me blush

1. NARS: Blush, $25, sephora.com 2. Kimora Lee Simmons, $14, sephora.com 3. Pop Beauty: Cheeky Pop, $18, sephora.com 4. Smashbox: O-Glow, $26, sephora.com 5. Benefit Cosmetics: 10, $26, sephora.com 6. M.A.C. Cosmetics: Powder Blush, $17.50, maccosmetics.com

Remembering my first crush brings back all sorts of fond memories. I vividly recall the feeling of butterflies as I waited for him to get on the bus every morning. The way my heart raced as he showed his bus pass and started walking towards me. The hint of color that came to my cheeks when he brushed by my seat to sit down. What I wouldn’t give to go back and relive those days. And while I can’t recapture the excitement of a first crush I can recreate the glow and color of that innocent blush. All it takes is a great blush product and the perfect application and I am right back on the bus waiting for my crush (plus a few wrinkles and several pounds).

Use my Tip Sheet to Cheat your Way to the Perfect Blush…

Tip 1: Pick blush that is best suited for your skin type. Cream blush work well for drier skin, as it helps to keep skin hydrated. Powder blush is better suited to oily skin, try NARS Blush $25, . There are also some great gels and liquid tints, try Smashbox O-Glow, $26 .5 oz sephora.com.

Tip 2: Use a color that helps you achieve your final look. If your going for a more natural look stick to a color that resembles the color of your checks as if you just got done running.

Tip 3: Use a full, round brush to apply powder blush. Use your middle finger to rub in cream blush. Smile in the mirror and place the blush on the apple of your cheek then use upward strokes to blend. Moving towards your hairline.

Tip 4: BLEND! BLEND! BLEND! And then right before you walk out the door blend some more. You can never blend enough. Believe me when I say you would rather have to little blush than too much.

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