Pinwheels & Hula HoopsPinwheels and Hula Hoops: Poems That Tell Stories; Stories That Are Poems, is a collection of poetry written over a period of two years. The content includes: serial poems written as narrative poetry with a somewhat intense view of the author’s surroundings. Each poem has been crafted in a manner that feeds to the reader, and quenches his or her reading thirst. Here is a taste of what readers have to look forward to:

The War Has Just Begun (Part 1)

she clinches her fist tight
to her chest,
feeling the woman she’s become,
so young… yet, so old.
this gurl, the daughter
of many ancestors passed,
her main goal is—
taking on the world at her
leisure.. tried and true, ms…
”lemme have this for 50 cents,
and I’ll pay you back” typa gurl.
never willing to pay her
debt, the war has just begun…..

Belgian Waffles (Part 1)

I, sitting little gurl
style at the kitchen table,
legs crossed, and eyes squared
directly on mommy, smelled the
freshness coming from the stove.
She, with her hair tied back,
sweat dripping from her nose,
and exasperated “woos” leave her mouth,
flips and pats our waffles just rite….

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