Before: Russell on Oprah

After: Russell on O’Reilly Factor

Do you think Russell is calling for the removal of the infamous “three words” from hip-hop because of pressure or the potential back lash from the media or is this a genuine call to action because he wants to help our portrayal and image as a people?

Stay tuned for our interview with Russell Simmons in the June Issue of Clutch…

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  • Hanna

    I am SO glad you posted this…I was telling my husband the same thing…What the &^*& then man changed his mind in a few hours….and told O one thing and Bill O, another thing…makes me think one again…like most others, he is in it for the buck…Hasnt he made enough on expoliting his people yet….This is what whites long ago were hoping for and we have fufilled it to the fullest!!

  • Opinionated Lady

    This world is so messed up in so many ways that I can’t believe we still on this issue.