I know you remember watching School Daze with your cousins reenacting all the scenes. Let’s reminisce on the good times…. The first clip is still relevant and thought provoking….

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  • First, let me say I LOVE School Daze! Secondly, there are two sides to the coin when talking about good and bad hair. This is still an issue today. The grade of hair you have is a symbol of beauty, acceptance, etc. in some parts of the country. On the other hand, as more and more women are growing out their relaxers, there is hope that we’ve made some progress regarding this issue. Women don’t feel like slaves to the salon to get that “straight” look anymore.

    While I have a perm and have no intention of growing my perm out, I say do what works for you. Good or bad hair is the result of how you take care of your hair, not the grade of it.

  • Erika

    “School Daze” came out a few years before I started college, and it was still a big deal for black women — at least in the South — to ditch relaxers. On the other hand, weaves have come a loooong way since the ’80s! It’s nice that young black women these days feel free to wear their hair however they like — relaxed, natural, weaved, braided, whatever. That being said, “School Daze” remains the best film ever made about life at an HBCU.

  • Hanna

    One of the best movies…Reminds me so much of my time Hampton U, but sad that we are still fixated on our hair and tones…..And funny that this was posted right b4 that bigot Imus refered to these scenes in talking about 2 women’s basketball teams…