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Sepia Skin CareProperly Pampered Skincare

Launched in 2006, Sepia Skin Care offers an array of natural beauty products that are infused with shea butter. The founders of Sepia Skincare felt there was a void in the market for all-natural skin care products, free of harsh chemicals and additives. With that in mind, they set out to create a line that drew from the natural ingredients found in Afro-Caribbean skin care fused with modern dermatological technology and advancement.

Sepia Skin Care is one of the few companies where products are still painstakingly made and packaged by hand. In a consumer market saturated with an array of beauty products, the online skincare retailer plans to redefine the standards of beauty with a focus on wellness and health first—which founder Lorene Cowan says, “begins with a total maintenance of self.”

“Your skin is the first thing people see when they look at you. Your skin speaks for you before you ever open your mouth; it reflects your health and how you treat yourself. Properly pampered skin tells the world that you care about yourself. I don’t want Sepia Skin Care only to be known as a great skin care line, but eventually as a company who promotes general good health practices to foster beauty from the inside out,” stated Lorene when we asked why taking care of your skin is so important.

Sepia Skincare carries an expansive line of all natural, hand-crafted products including body butters, lotions and soufflés—all of which are being manufactured domestically and are designed to keep the skin soft, supple and healthy.

Sepia Skincare has two new collections coming out this year: Sepia Spa Collection and Sepia Resort Collection. This is only the beginning for the new skincare brand that is sure to become a skincare staple for multicultural women.

Sepia Skin Care may be the “new kid on the block” as far as online retailers would have it, but Cowan says “this skincare line is driven by a generation taking ownership of not only their beauty, but of their well being.” Cowan also sees the importance of setting an example for young professionals. To further distinguish the line from other distributors, sepiaskincare.com will support organizations that help young entrepreneurs launch new companies.

For more information and to purchase Sepia Skin Care log-on to sepiaskincare.com

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