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SML Bags = Little Pieces of Art

Have you ever seen something that you knew was on the verge of becoming a part of fashion history? That is how we felt when we stumbled across SML Bags. Self-proclaimed bag addict Shana Luther launched SML Bags in 2006 after realizing her hobby of designing bags was her calling. Shana initially started making her own bags just to stand out from the crowd of women who wore styles from popular handbag lines. What started as a hobby and a desire to express individuality has turned into a burgeoning design career.

The SML Bag collection is composed of totes, shoulders bags, coin purses and of course clutches. SML bags are not only one of a kind but can be custom handmade especially for you. SML Bags describes their collection as urban, with a touch of old style charm combined with abstract fabrics and vintage inspired shapes and lines; we describe the collection as urban chic.

“SML bags are for women who are not afraid of color and who want to make a statement with her handbag, a woman with individual style.” said Shana. “What makes SML different from everyone else is that we are bold and always on the look out for fabrics that are different.” Not only does Shana pick out different and unique fabrics, but she also makes every purse as if it were meant for her to carry.

“I will always keep my own hand-made line because I love the process of sewing and creating bags. However, I’m thinking of doing another collection of leather carry-all bags. I would use the same attack of bright color, and I would love to make special prints on leathers for the bags.” Shana stated when we asked her what was next for this future line of fashion classics.

With such a diverse line of must have bags, we couldn’t believe that SML Bags didn’t already have a line of celebrities and fashion influencers breaking down the door for a bag. SML Bags are little pieces of art that create a bold fashion statement so log on now to smlbags.com and make yours.

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