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  • Hanna

    This was horrible to watch….What if your mom was killed and you saw who did it or your child, you would say nothing. Why would we want these type of money hungry horrible people to own our commuities? He nor are any rappers or entertainers of any sort the word of black people. These people are ignorant, I went to an HBCU and sat in class with and learned from amazingly talented black people, whom some were from inner cities and they would never do such as Camron mentioned. Most black are wonderful citizens Camron is not, and those who endorse this stop snitchin crap are not as well. Bring your minds to a higher level, keep this up and the nation will never let us elect a black president!!!! Believe IT!!

  • Kathy

    Because we have idiots who participate in the illegal lifestyle repeating this message. of course they are against snitching, they wouldn’t want to be snitched on. Problem is these criminals are given a platform and pedestal through hip hop music and have the opportunity to reach the masses when they wear a stop snitching shirt. Today on BET Terrence annoyed me when he was interviewing Russell SImmons, he said “but is that snitching” … words give things power. Let’s change our vernacular. Of course there is a negative connotation to the word snitching….let’s change it to not START SNITCHING but “START CARING FOR YOUR COMMUNITY, ETHICS, AND RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE AND QUALITY OF LIFE…LET’S RESPECT THAT VERSUS THE STREET CODE AND THE KILLER AND THE DRUG DEALER”

    They should then have asked Camron what if it was a pedophile, why is it ok to snitch on a pedophile and not a murderer? Camron is ignorant to the Nth degree and I know he’s regretting that ignorant comment he made on International tv!! (i’m Canadian and we saw it). We need a paradigm shift. While police are not perfect and there is a lack of trust, we cannot live on polarized positions saying all or nothing. Not all police are bad just as not all black men are in jail… I am not from the hood or even a predominantly all black community. however, if this is the prevalent belief in the young black community, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

  • Zoe

    You have a fantastic blog – and your King columns are great, too. (Glad to find a fellow black girl who can’t stand Tyler Perry’s shucking and jiving). Anyway, back on topic:
    What a demoralizing commentary! I’m pretty much obsessed with the HBO series The Wire (which comes on here in London on a cable channel called FX). The inner-city code of silence is one of the issues it explores, as well as the implications of ‘snitching.’ In the fourth series, a local Baltimore drug kingpin is having his soldiers dispose of bodies in vacant buildings. The body count is rising and the police are none the wiser – even though plenty of people in the community know what’s going on. Seems it’s a case of art imitating life…

    Even though I’m an African-American living abroad, there are an increasing number of cases here of young black men getting murdered and no one coming forward with information. What can be done if this way of thinking is so ingrained (and shrouded in dangerous euphemisms like Cam’ron using the terms ‘ethics’ and ‘the way I was raised’ – we’re talking rape and murder here, clearly ethics and rearing are long gone!) that at best it perpetuates silence and at worst could possibly continue cylces of intimidation and violence? I cry for the state of our communities.

  • Zoe

    got confused above with the King mention! sorry – was trawling through all my fave black girl blogs this morning (should use my rss feeder, probably) and thought i was at ‘she real cool!’ feel free to delete that bit and this comment, too!
    Clutch magazine is great! i appreciate the balance of fashion, lifestyle and real issues.