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  • summer

    En Vogue always managed to keep it classy & beautiful! And can I just say the men in the audience were all fine and doing their thing! Remember when it was cool for a guy to wear a suit and look sharp? Now it’s about oversized clothes and fronts. Wow.

  • We are living in a time where sexuality has been completely mis-used in the entertainment industry to degrade women especially black women. En Vogue was one of my all time favoite groups. Not only could they sing extremely well but they where and are beautiful role models for young girls/WOMEN then and now. I love this video. It conveys a confidence / glamour and very tasteful way of being sexy without being rounchy. WE NEED MORE OF THIS FLAVOR DIS PLAYED IN MUSIC and VIDEOS TODAY .

    Hip hop has been basterdized by all of the ignorance and self hatred. Back in the day when hip hop started. We as a people where saying something. It was about the struggle and using very witty medafores to convey a message. In the beginning of hip hop NO ONE WOULD DARE TO CALL A BLACK WOMAN OR ANY WOMAN A HO OR A BITCH! LIKE NAS SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD. I LOVE HIM FOR SAYING IT LIKE IT IS!

    I too also adore the diverse group of men that where in the audience on this video. It is like pulling teeth for mainstream men to dress appropriately these days. Then when you see a man that is dressed fabulous you have these ignorant knuckle heads calling them gay. WHAT IS GAY IS WEARING A CHEAP WHITE T-SHIRT SO BIG THAT IT LOOKS LIKE A DAMN DRESS HANGING DOWN TO YOUR MID CALF!

    Every chance I get I try to approach young boys/men about the ridiculous baggy clothes influenced by prision culture! I do it carefully of course as a lot of men/boys are not open to such conversations that is so sad.


    America has really made it a use money market to continue to sale garbage!