If you are part of the Young, Fabulous & Broke generation, you cannot afford to be without this book. This is a book that’s MORE THAN A BOOK. It interacts with Suze’s web site so that she can give you step-by-step advice tailored specifically to your financial needs. Step-by-step Suze will help you become Young, Fabulous & NOT Broke. It really does work!

Suze wanted us to tell you do not…

Lease a car. Finance it instead.
Take out an interest-only or no-down-payment mortgage. If you have to use either of these options, it’s a sign that you really can’t afford to own a home just yet.

Ask a friend or family member for a loan unless you are confident that you can pay it off. No amount of money can buy back a busted relationship if you flake on repaying.

Think of bankruptcy as the life raft that will save you. The financial and emotional impact of bankruptcy is devastating. Work with a credit counseling agency to devise a plan to pay your way out of your financial hole.

Invest in a mutual fund with the letter A or B at the end of it’s name. That’s a sign that there will be a sales commission attached – it can be 5 percent. That’s a silly waste of your money.

Screw up your FICO score. It’s your winning ticket to every financial move you will ever make when you need to borrow money for car loans, mortgages, or credit cards.

Purchase a variable annuity. This investment makes a lot of money for your financial adviser, but not for you. Just say no thanks to anyone who offers you one.

Start a savings account if you still have high-rate credit cards. Get the debt paid off first.

For more of Suze’s tips log-on to www.suzeorman.com and please go pick up Young, Fabulous & Broke – it’s definitely a must have!

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