Yes, according to Jason Whitlock, columnist for the Kansas City Star (recently featured on Oprah’s Town Hall Meeting) who was upset with the way the Imus situation was handled. Here’s an excerpt from his article-Thanks Hutch:

I’m calling for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the president and vice president of Black America, to step down. Their leadership is stale. Their ideas are outdated. And they don’t give a damn about us. We need to take a cue from White America and re-elect our leadership every four years. White folks realize that power corrupts. That’s why they placed term limits on the presidency. They know if you leave a man in power too long he quits looking out for the interest of his constituency and starts looking out for his own best interest. We’ve turned Jesse and Al into Supreme Court justices. They get to speak for us for a lifetime. Full Article

Is it time for new leadership? If so, who would you nominate?

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