This afternoon Clutch tuned in with the rest of America to watch part two of Oprah’s Town Hall about Don Imus and the next steps for Black America. We found that many of the record label insiders made excuses for artists that consistently degrade us in their video and lyrics. Yes, many of the artist are from poverty, but I am sure that their mothers raised them not to disrespect women! African American men regardless of age should stand up and protect us, not degrade us.

We promise to post more about this issue and create a dialog…

Shout out to the ladies of Spelman College and Essence Magazine!

Let’s stand up and take lead….

Scene from Part I…

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  • Clear

    We as women need to stand as ONE weather we are married to the top hip hop artis. A lot of times it’s about not having the proper upbring to understand your self worth. WE are important for moe than cleaning, cokking and bearing childern. Once that’s understand maybe there will be lest women having these issues. War, Drugs, Teenage pegantnce are the thing WE ALL need to be fighting about.