How do you know when the guy you are interested in is playing games? Let’s help each other out by listing some signs and hints….

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  • Clue: The phone game…”uhmmm I didn’t call because I accidentally deleted your number from my cell.”

    Yeah…that’s why you just text messaged me?

  • Glammama

    I am actually talking to a guy right now that tries to down play his feelings for me by saying that he likes me just a little bit. Yet, when I tried to just end what seemed like a dead end situation, he wasn’t having it! I think that a guy should just be honest and open their heart to whatever may come! There is no sense in guarding your heart when the other person is obviously offering them theirs.

  • Vamply

    I agree with you 100% Glammama…I’m currently in the same situation where I tried to end our “friendship” (IMO, the fact that we have sex should allow me entrance to another box but whatever!) he tried to act nonchalant but then calls me the very next day to try and explain that “we want the same thing but not at the same time.” I try to take him at his word but his actions speak differently.

  • Sasha

    I think that all men know what they want. If he tells you that he likes you just a little bit..take his word for it. If he wanted a relationship or more than a friendship he would be in one. If he tells you “we want the same thing but not at the same time” then take his word for it..he doesnt want it. Or he wants it eventually and he doesnt know if it will be with you. I am not saying any of this to be mean but I am saying it as someone who has played games, seen the games first hand with brothers, uncles and cousins as well as had the game played on them..the first mistake that females make is rationalizing the things that guys tell us. Guys are honest, they are honest with their words but more importantly with their actions. You want someone that is going to like you or love you equally or more than you like or love them. That is always better because we as women tend to love harder and be more emotional than men are. Just a little advice..you dont have to take it but trust me if you stop trying to rationalize and “understand” what they are saying and just take it for what it is…it will be so much easier and clearer :)

  • Jasmina

    Sasha, I second your thoughts 100%!