url.jpgFORT WORTH Several people joined local Black ministers and community leaders to protest comedian D.L. Hughley’s Juneteenth show at Bass Hall in Fort Worth Saturday. The ministers said they had enough with the double standards. If Imus can’t get away with it, black performers shouldn’t get away with it either.

The controversy surrounds Hughley’s recent appearance on the Jay Leno Show.

The comedian said Imus was wrong to call the women of the Rutgers basketball team ‘hos,’ but he did say they were some of the “ugliest, nappy head women” he had ever seen. Pastor Kyev Tatum of Servant House Baptist Church said Imus is insulting and so is D.L. Hughley.

Pastor Tatum said, “It’s not only that comment, he has a history of demeaning our community in such a way that it’s not funny anymore. “I believe that freedom of speech is a zero-sum proposition. Too many times I have watched clowns like these pretend to speak for the masses. I can only speak for me,” Hughley said in a statement released to the media. “Isn’t there a child you can help teach to read, a war to help stop, an unjustly accused man you can help out of jail? I will not apologize for telling a joke about the world as I see it.”

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  • Gem

    I don’t know if you know this, but the DL Hughley protests in Fort Worth were spearheaded by Black bloggers. In fact you can find video on my site, What About Our Daughters, showing one of the bloggers, Eddie Griffin, being escorted out of DL Hughley’s show Saturday by Fort Worth PD. I also have links to video of Neon Dieon Sanders and his wife being confronted by the protesters as they try to creep out of Hughley’s performance.

    I have been blogging about DL’s comments for over two months, including wrestling a statement condemning the comments from Al Sharpton ( it was a tepid and half hearted statement, but we at least got one).

    When the NAACP is shuttering offices and laying off 40% of the national staff, the DL Hughley protest carries more importance because it is possibly a demonstration of what future movements will look like, an intergenerational effort between young, internet savvy bloggers and older bloggers with contacts with grassroots organizations with the ability to mobilize.

    We don’t have a million dollar budget, a national headquarters or big names, but this Hughley story is beginning to spread due to the efforts for ordinary folk.

    You can find out more on my blog, What About Our Daughters at http://whataboutourdaughters.blogspot.com. FYI Russell Simmons, 50 Cent, and Akon are also frequent targets of my criticism.

    What About Our Daughters
    “ Combating the negative portrayal of African American women in popular culture.”

  • Wow, my hometown made Clutch news. Shame on DL for his comment.

    On a more positive note, if you ever visit FW you must attend a performance at the Bass Hall. Beautiful venue.

  • Geez…I didn’t see that but damn DL…just ignorant.

  • Johnica is so very right… FW Bass Hall is beautiful. I booed DL and booed Bass Hall for hosting him. I did, however, issue an apology to the City for the embarrassment. I love FW. Thanks GEM (Gina McCauley) for your courageous action in taking the protest all the way to the top- to BET and VIACOM.